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Center Of A Song Workshop
Half-Day & Full-Day Options available

Center Of A Song Workshop with Lisa Mullane Viggiano offers brain-based techniques for vocals, performance, and heart for all genres of music. Lisa is an award-winning vocalist, speech/voice therapist & coach, Sounds True Certified meditation teacher, & Singing Athlete ™ certified instructor. Contact for more info

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As a professional singer (multi-award winner), voice teacher (The Vocal Athlete TM certified), meditation teacher (MMTCP certified, EFT trained), and speech therapist (ASHA certified), I can provide one-stop coaching for the myriad aspects of voice, speech, and performance. Click HERE to book a session.



Contact me via email for a private therapy or wellness session - services target one or more of the following areas:​

  • Speech Production: articulation, fluency, voice

  • Communication Skills: receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language; multisensory reading comprehension and written expression

  • Meditation/Wellness: meditation practice, EFT, Bach Flower Essences, Essential Oils

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Song: THREE'S A CHARM, Tim D's Music, ASCAP, all rights reserved; performed in San Francisco - Herbst Theatre - Lisa Viggiano with Tim Di Pasqua (composer) on piano & Jon Maher ASL Interpreter

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