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The Heart and Voice of the Performer
Cultivating the heart and voice of the performer's joy, delight, compassion, lovingkindness, and peace through mindfulness meditation

Nurture The Now Meditations and Music
Cultivating mindfulness through music and meditation is a powerful practice. Melodies and lyrics nurture a path to reflection and opening our senses to the present moment. Nurture the Now: Music & Meditation offers music and guided mindfulness meditation and fosters everyday spirituality through the power of music and mindfulness. 
Private & Group Sessions: Sessions tailored to each individual and group utilizing the skillful means of mindfulness meditation, essential oils, mindful reading, mindful speech & communication, Bach Flower Essences.



"Your class has made a lasting impression on me; I've been stopping to breathe when my brain starts to spin and it helps." Alexandra

"I felt I was in a 'safe space' for sharing." Meri

"I especially appreciated your compassion and attention." Douglas

Sheet Music
Pampas Grass

Please contact me for more information on upcoming classes, retreats, and private sessions.

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